Kwartalnik Historyczny, vol. CXXIX, no. 6/2022 English-Language Edition

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p007 0 00 01Jacek Wijaczka, TheImpact of Climate Change on Witch Trials: Myth or Reality? The Exampleof Royal Prussia in the Sixteenth-Eighteenth

p007 0 00 01Karolina Studnicka - Mariańczyk and Norbert Morawiec, Apples, Books, Fruit Preserves… Cultivating a History by Countess Ludwika Ostrowska, Lady of the Maluszyn Manor — in Search of the Anthropological Dimension of Historiography


p007 0 00 01Remigiusz Kasprzycki, Western Europe as a Model for Polish Defenders of Animal Welfare prior to 1939


p007 0 00 01 Jarosław Pałka, Planning for a Landing Operation of the Polish People’s Army on the Danish Isles during the Cold War


p007 0 00 01Rafał Łatka, Primate Stefan Wyszyński’s Pro Memoria Journal as a Historical Source




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Rulership in Medieval East Central Europe: Power, Rituals and Legitimacy in Bohemia, Hungary and Poland, ed. Grischa Vercamer and Dušan Zupka — Radosław Kotecki

Christianity and War in Medieval East Central Europe and Scandinavia, ed. Radosław Kotecki, Carsten Selch Jensen and Stephen Bennett — Marian Dygo

František Šmahel, Europas Mitte in Bewegung: Das Königreich Böhmen im ausgehenden Mittelalter — Wojciech Iwańczak

Mihai Dragnea, Christian Identity Formation Across the Elbe in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries — Michał Gniadek - Zieliński

Weibliche Herrschaft im 18. Jahrhundert: Maria Theresia und Katharina die Große, ed. Bettina Braun, Jan Kusber and Matthias Schnettger — Jacek Kordel

Piotr Puchalski, Poland in a Colonial World Order: Adjustments and Aspirations, 1918–1939 — Jan Kieniewicz

Anna Mazurkiewicz, Voice of the Silenced Peoples in the Global Cold War: The Assembly of Captive European Nations, 1954–1972 — Paweł Sowiński

Slavomír Michálek, Československé menové zlato 1938–1982 — Tomasz Korban

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